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Chinese massage

Full Body Massage / Light touch massage $20/15 min

Table Shower:
Is a simple way to cleanse the body before or after massage by Asian woman. You lie down on a waterproof table, water is splashed over the body before a treatment to clean skin and open pores.
Table Shower :$20/15 min

Not many people are aware of the potential benefits of Chinese Massage. It is one of the oldest forms of massage therapies which manipulates the inner energy points and foster the flow of energy in the whole body. Thus, the flow of energy in the blockages cause the release of pain and stress.
Our highly experienced massage therapists specialize in Chinese massage and will help in removing layers of stress to bring the utmost relief and relaxation. Balance Massage offers a perfect venue for Chinese massage uptown that will leave you totally relaxed and comfortable. Visit our massage center today and see why we are often called as the best in the business!